Quran Reading Program

At Quba Islamic Institute, we have a dedicated four-day program for children to learn about and love Islam. These classes are the best tool for young children who have not received adequate religious training, and they are equally important for children who are strong in their Islamic knowledge in order to help strengthen their beliefs and practices.

In this class, we begin by teaching (beginners) the basic Arabic alphabet and construction of words and phrases. From there, children begin to read Quran and even start light memorization. At the same time, studentsĀ are taught about ‘Aqeedah, Manners, Salah, Duas, and Ahadith. Also, every Thursday we hold a Kids’ Night where the children enjoy snacks and drinks with all of their friends.

All the subjects that we cover in this class are absolutely essential for a child to learn about and start living Islam. Just enroll one of your kids in this program and see the positive effect it will have on them, Inshallah. May Allah protect all of your youth and make them great future Islamic leaders!


When: Monday – Thursday

Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (two one-hour periods)

Where: Quba Islamic Institute

Who: Boys and Girls


To download the Quran Reading Class Form, please click here.