Marriage Counseling


At Quba Islamic Institute, we not only build relationships by performing Marriages, but we can also help repair struggling relationships, as well. Every Marriage has its challenges and obstacles, and when those challenges seemingly become insurmountable, we can help in regaining the joy your relationship once had.

Our Imam, Zahid Abdullah, has more than two decades of experience in helping couples of all ages overcome their differences and help strengthen the bonds between husband and wife. His advice always complies with the Sunnah of the Beloved Messenger of Allah (S). And his experience in dealing with various cases has helped him build a track record of sustained success, Mashallah.

Although we pray that every Marriage be of happy and loving nature, we understand that differences and difficulties will inevitably arise. In the even that happens, we at QII will be there to help and support you through the entire process, Inshallah.

If you are in need of Marriage Counseling services, please come in to the Institute as this is a very sensitive matter, and the Imam will be more than willing to help in finding solutions to your problems in a private, relaxed, stress-free environment, Inshallah.

To set up an appointment, simply call us, e-mail us, or walk in to our Institute, and we would be delighted to help, Inshallah.